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Call of Duti is a classic game of the first type of VVII. She first published in 2003, and she released a series that dominated the genre for many years. Together with the original “Medal of Honor” he described the appearance of World War II in the coming years. The game follows the story ear soldiers in British kotoryeborotsya US and Soviet army forces, and includes not only infantry but also a small number of tanks, combat missions. Glory and tragedy VarCall of Duti- An exciting first-hand shooter, but the dental scene – is not just exciting videos. shockingly dark faces of chaos and fear of fighting, especially frightening missions in the campaign of the Red Army.
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These plays, inspired by such films as “The Enemy at the Gates” and the actual incidents in the Battle of Stalingrad, cause the chaos of the war in a way that has achieved several other video games. (Function () (“Reviev application-lesson pages “);});Classic Classic Shooter If you’re a first-hand shooter, Call of Duti is definitely a new addition to the game, not just because it’s an exciting game, but also because of the impact on later games. Some elements maglyk like a damage system and some graphics, but there are still many that can appeal especially to history and military drums.

Duti’s call: World War II – a first-hand shooter, who sees that the series Call of Duti returns to his roots, one of which youin the role of a young American baby who goes through the toughest battles. Second World War II. Other characters will include not only soldiers, but also resistance and even the battlefield. The Call of Duti series is always proud of its detail and historical accuracy, and Call of Duti: VVII is non-existent. Unlike many shooters, the game does not include recovery of health. If it’s too much, you need to get a nurse for your team and get it, you can assess progress.Likewise, ammunition is not as rich as many other arrows, so every number of bullets. Additional single user press, the game also includes a multiplayer battle kotoryevklyuchayut a competitive game with asymmetric missionary missions and cooperative modes. In a joint game, fight with your friends against computer-controlled enemies, including all the popular Nazi zombies. In general, it is a promising return to the classic era of franchise, known modern and sci-fi (function () ((‘reviev-app-page-desktop’);));Stop the beach Call of Duti: World War II is very beautiful The title is a cruel, realistic shooter with a lot of content for the players of the historic game. If it looks like your thing, check it out.


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