UTorrent Windows XP/7/8 Portable download


UTorrent Windows XP/7/8 Portable download

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UTorrent is one of the most popular FreeBitTorrent free clients for several reasons: Fast, simple, easy to use and highly efficient. It is also available for Android, Mac and has a portable version.

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uTorrentIncludes everything you would expect from a complete, reliable torrent downloader: very detailed statistics, RSS feed support, automatic shutdown, download plan and more. There are several things that uTorrent does not like: a complete torrentsearch engine and an embedded playerto view your downloads.

UTorrent 3 allows you to play media during download, enter and comment on torrent files, drag and drop files to share and disable UDP tape.

Ideal for all levels of users

From version 3, uTorrent has an extremely redesignedinterface: more useful, easier to use and perfectly customized for the uTorrents web interface.

Like the previous versions, uTorrent 3 is easy enough to use for everyone, no matter how much their level of computer expertise is,but also includes dozens of configuration settingswill satisfy most technology users. Also, this new version includes a few beginner-oriented guides to ensure that everyone can do their best.

After a quick installation process (although there are several instructions for installing an attachment, etc.).A practical built-in speed test to make the initial setup much easier, uTorrent is ready. The program takes up minimal hard drive and computer resources, which allows you to have a good number of download torrentsand be able to use your computer without delay.


IfLooking for a reliable, fast and easy torrent client, do not look further: uTorrent is what you need. If you are looking for other free alternatives, we recommend that you download BitTorrent or;


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